Listen to The Jesus Story: The Teaching of Jesus

The Gospels give us much of the teaching of Jesus.

The next song is based on a famous passage in the gospels called the Beatitudes.

These teachings were given by Christ, and they point us to those whose lives show the blessing of God.

Some of these sayings may be familiar to you. For example: ‘How blest are those whose spirits are open to God, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them’.

The Beatitudes


Jesus often used stories, called parables, to get across his message.

Some of them are very funny, with pictures from everyday life. Others, we find more difficult to understand because Jesus was trying to make his listeners think.

The next song is based on the parable of The Lost Son, known to many of us as The Prodigal Son. In this story, we see loving parents who long for the return of their wilful, selfish child.

Jesus is showing us a picture of a caring and loving God, who offers forgiveness to his children.

The Prodigal Son