A Time to Build

Having originally restricted their preaching to Jews, Church leaders gradually won more and more converts among people of other races. But some Jewish Christians taught these gentile believers that they needed to keep the whole of the Jewish law as well as following Christ. Even Peter, who had been mixing freely with these Gentile Christians, withdrew his fellowship from them. Saint Paul, who had seen many people of other races come to faith, roundly rebuked him for this.

A meeting of the Church was called in Jerusalem to resolve the issue and Peter was a key witness. He told them about the conversion of Cornelius and urged the acceptance of gentiles as they were. The decision was made only to expect a few basic tenets of the Jewish Law to be kept.

Our next song expresses the spirit of reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles which Peter promoted. Throughout the ages, Christ has broken down the barriers between people of different races and backgrounds.

  1. Follow, Follow… (The call of Jesus)
  2. What Sort of Man? (Peter reflects on the character of Jesus)
  3. The Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-Law
  4. Confession of Faith (Peter affirms Jesus as Messiah)
  5. Jesus Shines! (The Transfiguration)
  6. How Many Times? (A humorous look at an age-old problem)
  7. Foot Washing at the Last Supper (Jesus’ call to humility)
  8. Denial (Peter’s night of shame)
  9. Restoration (Peter is forgiven and commissioned for service)
  10. Peter’s Song of Thanksgiving
  11. Sing to the Lord (A psalm of praise)
  12. And God Said (The Holy Spirit)
  13. The Spirit of God Makes a Difference
  14. There’s No Other Name (The healing of the lame man)
  15. Cornelius (A Roman soldier finds faith)
  16. Rescue from Prison (An angel sets Peter free)
  17. A Time to Build (Jews and Gentiles brought together by Christ)
  18. Come to the Lord (An invitation to faith)
  19. Faith Tested (An encouraging word to persecuted Christians)
  20. Kingdom Road (Celebrating our journey on the King’s highway)
  21. Singing for Jesus