Follow, Follow

Peter! He was one of the first followers of Jesus Christ. He was a leader in the early Church and eventually a martyr. He was a man who reached the heights and plumbed the depths. He became the Rock on which Christ built his Church. This is the story of St Peter.

We know nothing at all about Peter’s childhood and growing up. We first meet him as an adult in the Gospels, when he was already married. He was a fisherman living on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. At that time, before he met Jesus, Peter was called Simon.

The bible tells us that it was Peter’s brother Andrew, who brought him to Jesus. Then there was probably a period of time when Peter got to know Jesus, before he made his decision to leave fishing and to give his life to following Him.

  1. Follow, Follow… (The call of Jesus)
  2. What Sort of Man? (Peter reflects on the character of Jesus)
  3. The Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-Law
  4. Confession of Faith (Peter affirms Jesus as Messiah)
  5. Jesus Shines! (The Transfiguration)
  6. How Many Times? (A humorous look at an age-old problem)
  7. Foot Washing at the Last Supper (Jesus’ call to humility)
  8. Denial (Peter’s night of shame)
  9. Restoration (Peter is forgiven and commissioned for service)
  10. Peter’s Song of Thanksgiving
  11. Sing to the Lord (A psalm of praise)
  12. And God Said (The Holy Spirit)
  13. The Spirit of God Makes a Difference
  14. There’s No Other Name (The healing of the lame man)
  15. Cornelius (A Roman soldier finds faith)
  16. Rescue from Prison (An angel sets Peter free)
  17. A Time to Build (Jews and Gentiles brought together by Christ)
  18. Come to the Lord (An invitation to faith)
  19. Faith Tested (An encouraging word to persecuted Christians)
  20. Kingdom Road (Celebrating our journey on the King’s highway)
  21. Singing for Jesus