Peter – The Rock

Peter – The Rock

A musical journey into the life of St Peter
by Richard Rice-Oxley

Choral arrangements by Janet Roberts

Peter – the Rock. The story of Saint Peter, apostle of Jesus Christ, leader in the Early Church and a martyr, is a new musical with a score for choir, soloists and instrumentalists.  There are 21 songs and a linking narration.

The first performances were in Swayfield Village Hall on 3rd November, 2017 and Harrowby Lane Methodist Church, Grantham on 5th November, 2017.  The Choir and Musicians came from the local area and 50 plus people came to each performance.

Janet (our musical director) who also wrote the choral arrangements has said the musical has great songs and a powerful message and will be exciting and fun to sing!

As soon as possible we will put the vocal score on this website and it will be freely available to download, as is the score of The Jesus Story, Richard’s earlier musical.

A CD of Peter – The Rock is now available from Sylvia and Richard, please email us on price £5 plus £1 postage and packing.

Comments already received from folks listening to the CD are as follows:

very tuneful and lively

a wonderful work – music and words are so good and all brilliantly put together and performed

I realise how much it must have blessed the Choir and audience in November.  There are some memorable tunes and moments in the powerful story.

Sounds great and very enjoyable

We are grateful to Ian Thacker of Harrowby Lane Methodist Church for recording the performance there, and to Media Duplication Ltd who produced the CD.