Woodbine Willie – musical reflections

Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy, MC, born 27 June 1883 and died 8 March 1929, was an Anglican priest and poet.

A selection of Woodbine Willie poems has been set to music by Richard. He has already conducted a Day of Reflection at Edenham Regional House, South Lincolnshire, and an evening Concert on Armistice Day 2015 at South Witham Church. Richard is available to conduct further day or evening sessions on the same subject as requested. This is particularly suitable for Remembrance time in November.

‘Woodbine Willie’
Musical reflections

The Revd Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy was an Anglican Priest who served as a Chaplain in World War One, winning the Military Cross for bravery.  His nickname was ‘Woodbine Willie’, because he kept soldiers supplied with cigarettes which helped to calm their nerves in the face of battle.  He wrote many poems, including a number that depict life on the Western Front, poems about the human cost of war, and theological reflection about it.

Our reflection includes musical settings of some of these poems as well as a short biography of an outstanding pastor and preacher. 

Contact details: Revd Richard Rice-Oxley.  Email: richardriceoxley@gmail.com