Resources for performing The Jesus Story

From here you can download the full vocal score of The Jesus Story, and a booklet with narration and the full words of the songs.

These include the songs and narration used in the original performances, as follows:

  1. Dayspring (Zechariah foretells the coming of Jesus)
  2. Come and Worship (The birth of Jesus)
  3. Here is Love (Reflections on the birth of Jesus)
  4. The Baptism of Jesus
  5. What Sort of Saviour? (Jesus is tempted in the wilderness)
  6. The Beatitudes (Jesus’ teaching)
  7. The Prodigal Son (Jesus’ teaching)
  8. The Sea of Galilee (A miracle of Jesus)
  9. The Healing of Ten Men (A miracle of Jesus)
  10. Hosanna (Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday)
  11. The Last Supper (The first Holy Communion)
  12. Peace (Jesus’ words at the Last Supper)
  13. The Moon Shines (Jesus’ prayer before his betrayal)
  14. Peter’s Denial (A friend of Jesus is all too human)
  15. Lord, … Why? (Reflections on Good Friday)
  16. Hallelujah! (Reflections on Easter Day – Jesus is alive!)
  17. We See Christ (Reflections on the whole story)
  18. Follow, Follow, Follow (The call)

The scores for six additional songs are available below, two of which (See His Light, and Face to Face with Jesus) may be particularly suitable for children:

  1. Sleep Tight (The birth of Jesus)
  2. See His Light (The birth of Jesus)
  3. Come to Me (Words of Jesus)
  4. Blood on His Hands (Good Friday)
  5. God has Spoken (Easter Day)
  6. Face to Face with Jesus (The Ascension of Christ)