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Resources for performing The Jesus Story

From here you can download the full vocal score of The Jesus Story, and a booklet with narration and the full words of the songs.

These include the songs and narration used in the original performances, as follows:

  1. Dayspring (Zechariah foretells the coming of Jesus)
  2. Come and Worship (The birth of Jesus)
  3. Here is Love (Reflections on the birth of Jesus)
  4. The Baptism of Jesus
  5. What Sort of Saviour? (Jesus is tempted in the wilderness)
  6. The Beatitudes (Jesus’ teaching)
  7. The Prodigal Son (Jesus’ teaching)
  8. The Sea of Galilee (A miracle of Jesus)
  9. The Healing of Ten Men (A miracle of Jesus)
  10. Hosanna (Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday)
  11. The Last Supper (The first Holy Communion)
  12. Peace (Jesus’ words at the Last Supper)
  13. The Moon Shines (Jesus’ prayer before his betrayal)
  14. Peter’s Denial (A friend of Jesus is all too human)
  15. Lord, … Why? (Reflections on Good Friday)
  16. Hallelujah! (Reflections on Easter Day – Jesus is alive!)
  17. We See Christ (Reflections on the whole story)
  18. Follow, Follow, Follow (The call)

The scores for six additional songs are available below, two of which (See His Light, and Face to Face with Jesus) may be particularly suitable for children:

  1. Sleep Tight (The birth of Jesus)
  2. See His Light (The birth of Jesus)
  3. Come to Me (Words of Jesus)
  4. Blood on His Hands (Good Friday)
  5. God has Spoken (Easter Day)
  6. Face to Face with Jesus (The Ascension of Christ)

Perform The Jesus Story

Welcome to The Jesus Story!

It tells, in words and music, the story of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as recounted in the New Testament Gospels. Inspired by the stories of Jesus, I wrote these songs at different times over the last 40 or so years. They are now brought together, along with the narration, to enable people of all ages to experience the power of the Gospel narrative in a fresh way.

I hope that The Jesus Story will be performed widely by choirs belonging to churches, schools and other groups. The score and soundtrack are freely available, and choirs are also free to make their own arrangements, as long as the words and melody line remain as written, and copyright is observed.

As the musical covers the whole story of Jesus, you may wish to use the whole or part of the score in your production. Individual songs may be chosen to be used at a particular event or seasonal church service. There are several songs suitable for children.

The Jesus Story has been used by churches in the past for fundraising. I do not require any royalties, and so all of the profit from any concert you put on will go to your designated charity.

Friends have contributed to The Jesus Story. In particular I would like to thank Janet Roberts, Sue Glover, Stephen Buckman, Julian Watson and my dear wife, Sylvia.

Writing these songs has been a blessing from God to me over the years. I hope and pray that singing them will be a blessing both to you and to those you share them with.

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Resources to perform The Jesus Story

CD now available

Galilee boat

We are pleased to announce that a CD has now been produced from local performances of The Jesus Story. If you could like a copy please email Copies of the CD cost £3 with post and packing an extra £2. Cheques made payable to Sylvia Rice-Oxley.

Listen to The Jesus Story

That’s how we could truly describe Jesus Christ.

For two thousand years he has been a central figure in the history of our planet. Today over 2 billion people would call themselves Christians.

But who was Jesus Christ?
What did he say?
What did he do?
Why is his death important?
Why do people say he’s still alive?

Let us discover the answer through the songs of The Jesus Story. They were recorded at the performance on 19th April 2015 at Corby Glen.

The story starts with Dayspring

Listen to The Jesus Story: Reflection

The song ‘We See Christ’ reflects on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It invites us to experience his living presence as we journey through life.

We See Christ


Christians believe that Jesus Christ has rescued us from the power of sin and promised to be with us always.

He still feeds the hungry and heals the lame through those who follow his example.

This is Good News indeed, and we are glad to share this Good News with others.

Our final song is entitled ‘Follow, Follow’ and is a challenge to us to follow Jesus Christ.

Follow, Follow


Hallelujah Reprise

Listen to The Jesus Story: The Resurrection

Everybody thought that Good Friday was the end of Jesus.

But on the following Sunday something wonderful happened – God raised Jesus from the dead.

Over the next few weeks he appeared to his family and friends on a number of occasions.

The next song, Hallelujah, celebrates the risen Christ.

God has spoken, death is broken – Christ has woken from the grave.
Christ is risen from his prison – Christ is risen from the grave.
Sing and shout now, tell it out now – Jesus is Lord!


Listen to The Jesus Story: The Crucifixion

Jesus was put on trial before the religious leaders.

The High Priest asked him if he was the Messiah, the Son of God. When Jesus said I am, the whole Council condemned him to death.

As they did not have the authority to execute the sentence, they brought him to Pilate, the Roman Governor. They accused Jesus of being a threat to Roman rule.

Pilate was not convinced but, swayed by the crowd, agreed that the death sentence should be carried out.

Jesus was to be crucified.

The song ‘Lord, What Have They Done?’ imagines someone looking at Jesus on the cross and thinking “What a waste”. The third verse, which you’ll hear sung as a duet, gives the reply of Jesus.

Lord, What Have They Done?